I want to get on game shows. Got any tips?
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I want to get on game shows. Got any tips?

This is the first step in a lot of research I expect to do, so here goes. I'm live in Los Angeles and am pretty good at trivia, so I want to give game shows a shot. Does anyone have any personal experience or advice? General or specific welcome...

-How do you get on game shows?

-If it's an application or an audition process, any suggestions?

-I'd like to start with Wheel of Fortune, since I'm good at puzzle solving-type games. Do you know of any similar ones?

-Maybe a list of games shows that are being produced right now?

Or anything else that's handy to know. Have at it!
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Here is a good starting point, with links to a number of game shows in LA.
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I have no hints for the "getting-to-the-audition" part (beyond taking the Jeopardy online test, which is usually in February, and signing up on the WoF website), but if you make it to the audition, be dynamic! I attended two Jeopardy auditions and at both of them there were loads of people who stared at their shoes, mumbled, and were just generally Bad Television. My impression of WoF is that they're looking for borderline manic people, so amp it up even further if you somehow make it to the audition stage there.

I remember talking to a friend of a friend who had been on a pilot of a game show - the show was never aired, and he never got any money out of it, but maybe that's a good way to get your face out there (assuming you are a dynamic, charismatic contestant who producers are going to want to have on their shows).
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It gets easier the more you do it. In general, contestant coordinators look for pleasant people who are lively and social, but not manic and crazy, who can play the game for fun! and are not desperate to win or be on TV. You want to be competitive enough to make viewers root for you, but not so invested that you appear unstable. Dress nicely, but not flashy (no visible logos, obscene T-shirts, too much cleavage), well-groomed, and speak a tiny bit louder than you normally do. Be somewhat prepared with a bio that sets you apart from the crowd--you collect old lawnmowers or something quirky but not icky.
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