Disqualified from an award for winning it too often?
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What is it called when you're disqualified from an award for winning it too often?

I'm fairly sure there's a specific term for this.

The same person wins it year after year and so they basically say "we're giving you one last super-duper prize and assuming that you will win forever from now on. The award is now people fighting over second place".

I keep thinking "lifetime achievement award" but goggling doesn't back that up. I'm having trouble coming up with examples of it to point at too I'm afraid
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I've seen people get the title "Winner Emeritus" or similar for this in some of the groups I've participated in.
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At my workplace, for awards like that we give it past employees (who passed on) names, so you can make up your own name, something like: "the super-duper award"
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Are you thinking of "hors de concours"? Much of the time it refers to an entry in a competition that is not officially entered, but I've seen it several times applied to entrants who are excluded from competition because they are too far above the level of their competitors.
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Seconding hors concours. Ironically.
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Hors de combat, maybe?
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On second thought, never mind. That's not right, either. Hors de combat conveys more of a sense of disabling injury.
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The Webby Awards have a "hall of fame" in each category for sites that have won in that area three times (Mefi won a spot years ago in the community blog section).
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I have heard this called "retiring the trophy". The multi-winner gets the trophy they've won so many times, and a new one is struck for next year's winner.
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I love this topic:


[Steve Morse] is known for his stylistically diverse compositional skills and virtuosic abilities, and was voted "Best Overall Guitarist" by Guitar Player magazine for five years in a row, qualifying him for their "Guitar Player Hall of Fame", the only other members being Steve Howe of Yes and Eric Johnson.
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I think they may just say that the person is "ineligible due to past achievement" or something like that.
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Well for livestock/sports trophies, three years win in succession can win a trophy 'outright'. If a trophy is 'perpetual' then it cant be won outright - The World Cup, Wimbledon etc trophies are all perpetual. Not aware of any convention in this area that stops the person/animal from entering again however, they just don't get to keep the silverware.
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