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Suggestions for a translucent/transparent shower curtain that is not vinyl?

... or otherwise toxic. Probably has to be a curtain; or at least not a traditional enclosure.
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So are you saying that you have an allergy to certain plastics? Because vinyl shower curtains are not particularly toxic, unless you're actually smoking them.

A lot of the fabric ones (nylon?) are slightly translucent - certainly enough to allow light through.
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Here are some made from PEVA (a polyethylene).
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curtain or liner? If curtain, I'm sure there are lots of lace and gauze varieties.
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Another option is to wash the (vinyl, etc.) curtain before you hang it. Run it as a full load - cold water with laundry detergent. Don't put it in the dryer, hang it on your shower curtain bar to drip dry. The smell should be gone, if not, wash it again.
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I ordered this one (but you have to like ruffles). It's pretty translucent.
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I got a polyester fabric shower curtain at Ikea. Lasts a lot longer than vinyl, transmits some light, but not genuinely translucent. East to wash, though.
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The Vermont Country Store sells both cotton duck and nylon shower curtains; I have the nylon one.
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I'm confused...always heard vinyl was really that all hype?
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Vinyl is super toxic to produce, agregoli. That's what most people are talking about when they refer to vinyl being so bad for the environment.
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