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I'm looking for a web-based email aggregator to make checking 10 or 12 different email addresses a little easier/faster.

I look after a bunch of little websites, and while there is not a lot of email coming in, I still need to check each domain/address fairly regularly. I'd prefer a web-based aggregator, but google doesn't give me many (recent) ideas. I checked the answers from this question, but I am hoping something newer is available.
I don't want to use Gmail because I already have all my personal stuff going through Gmail, I'm just looking for something for all the individual (client) domain emails to go through. If I have to check email while at a client's, I'd prefer it not to be my personal Gmail account.

(I'd like web-based because I am often at many different computers. If it can't be web-based, then I'll just have to use my iPad.)
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Why not make another gmail account like "WebsiteAggregate@gmail.com" or something and just forward them all to that gmail account?
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Why not create a second Gmail account to handle the aggregated addresses? You could set up multiple sign-in [google.com] to quickly switch between both inboxes at home or just sign in to the aggregator account when at a client's.
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gmx ?
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Response by poster: Sorry, I should have also mentioned that at one site I cannot access Gmail at all due to the office policy there - it's blocked. So, I'm searching for a non-gmail solution. (Gmail WILL work, if it has to, but I'd be surprised if there weren't other options.)
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Thunderbird lets you view all your unread mail across several accounts in one view. Not web-based, but otherwise really good.
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threadsy should be able to do this for you.
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You can set up portable thunderbird on a thumb drive.
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Response by poster: Threadsy seems to pull everything in without separating what email account it's from - I don't want the 'social' streaming aspect it seems to push. And, it only gets US based hotmail and yahoo (I'm not in the US).

I love Thunderbird, but I don't want a thumb drive solution - I'm not always in a spot where I can use one (or where the client is ok with me using one) and I'm using different systems and OS's and in people's houses where it's hard to access the tower, etc. etc. And I can't use it on my iPad.

With web-based, a browser is a browser is a browser. I can check it from anywhere, quickly and easily, and even on the iPad (or smartphone).

So far, GMX is it. Thanks, nicolin.
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Response by poster: Oh, never mind. GMX has HORRIBLE reviews, many many people complaining about their accounts being blocked. Sure enough, I signed out and went to sign back in and now I'm blocked too. A quick look through the forums shows me I am far from the first to have this issue, and apparently they have no customer service.
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Maybe something from this list? Xuheki seems like it might do what you want, but doesn't look to be updated since 2009.
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Could you get bare-bones webpage with it's own webmail app? Then you just have to browse over to your own page and log in.
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For anyone reading this later, Threadsy's shutting down as of 2 Nov 2011, so you can strike that off your list.
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