I need chocolate!
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I need Bon-o-bons. Where can I buy them?

It happened again. I went abroad and fell in love with a product I can't find in the US. The culprit is Argentina's Arcor Bon-o-bons. Where can one purchase them in the US? I'd be willing to order them from abroad if necessary (though I do balk at paying $15 or more in shipping). If it helps, I live in central Missouri and regularly go to St Louis, Nashville and Los Angeles.

PS: There seems to be a US version called Arcor Whisper Chocolate Bon-bons. I can't figure out where to buy these either.
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CoMo resident here. If you're unable to find them to order online, I would go to World Harvest (off Nifong) and ask if it's possible that they could order them for you. Those guys seem pretty nice and friendly. They sell a range of foods from all over the world. They probably have a wholesale catalog or website that you could check.
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Looks like you can buy them online here.
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I did see the Amigo Foods link; however, it does violate my sensible self to have to pay $10 in shipping for a $15 item.
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Yelp shows a few prospects to check out in L.A.
Catalina's Market on Western and Santa Monica Blvd. looks like a good place to check out first.
But why wait...they do ship products, according to their web page.
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