The pen is not mightier than a two year old.
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Ever heard of a Leap Pad? We have a few that we picked up at garage sales and such. The pen no longer works. How can we fix this? More inside.

Picked up a few Leap Pads (Like these) for the munchkins recently. The pen on one of them has a frayed cord (you can see broken copper wires under the plastic sheath), and works intermittently. Is there someone who fixes these things? It seems like a shame to just throw them away when someone (I think) with some basic electronic knowledge seems like they could make these things work with a minimum of effort. Or, does the company offer some kind of replacement parts? One of the other ones simply won't turn on (it came as a package deal with other ones, so there wasn't a need to test it until we got home). Is there some way to diagnose/fix this? I'd love to get these things running for free/cheap and let the kids enjoy them rather then just consigning them to a landfill. Any suggestions?
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I bet if you contact LeapFrog's customer support, they can help you. I'm sure you're not the first people with this problem. Probably not even the first people today.
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Response by poster: From their page "The LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer learning tablet is warranted only to the original purchaser for a period of twelve months from the original purchase date, under normal use and service, against defective workmanship and material." So it's obviously not under warranty, as I'm not the official purchaser. I will try calling their number, though and see if there's a way they can help me.
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Best answer: (Assuming you're in the U.S.) MeMail me your mailing address and I'll send you a pen tomorrow.
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Our kids loved these things when they were preschool age. Way to go, Knappster!
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So, this is what MetaFilter does well.
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Also, the intermittent working could be due to your screens needing recalibration. Here is one method listed here. I had to do this several times for mine.
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Response by poster: Thanks again to Knappster, who went WAY above and beyond the call of duty and actually pirated the pen from a Leap Pad that he had on hand and sent it to me at his own expense. Thanks dude. You RULE.
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