Easy meeting place for Berkeley noobs
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Where should two friends meet in Berkeley California this Saturday? Both are driving, only one has GPS but the other is kinda familiar with Berkeley.

Seeking a convenient meeting point with easy freeway access where one can park easily and cheaply.
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What do you want to do when you have parked? The SeaBreeze Market is just on the bay side of the University Ave. exit off I80. Lots of parking there, or at the ball fields west of the Gilman exit.
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First thing that came to my mind was Vik's Chaat Corner. I haven't actually been to their new location, but it's easy to get to off of I80 at University, there should be parking there.
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What do you want to do when you have parked?

Walk around the campus, visit the BAM and maybe have a picnic up around one of those Berkeley Rocks.
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Most of those rocks are on private property, but if you still want some big rock action there's always Indian Rock Park and its less-famous neighbor Great Stone Face Park on the other side of Arlington. There's usually parking at John Hinkel Park near the old amphitheater, which is right between them.
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There are a couple of city parking garages and lots. Any of them save for the Telegraph/Channing one would probably work well. I don't know whether they count as cheap, though. The Berkeley Way lot is pretty much a straight shot down University off I-80, then left on Milvia. You could then meet in Au Coquelet at University and Milvia. (I'm not a big fan of the food for the price, but you could have a coffee and it's easy to find. You could meet pretty much anywhere in downtown Berkeley, but Au Coquelet would be pretty foolproof from that parking lot.) That would put you in walking distance of campus and the art museum (well, walk through campus to the art museum).

I want to say there's unrestricted street parking on the side streets west of Milvia, but that's only a vague memory--I never had a car in Berkeley. East of Milvia, I think it's all two hours without a permit.
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There's a city parking lot at Berkeley Way and Henry St., which is just a block off University & Shattuck- straight up from the freeway and 2 blocks from campus. Triple Rock Brewery is just around the corner to meet at.
There are plenty of Berkeley Rocks that are public parks, but none that are a short walk from campus. Most are in North Berkeley. You can meet at Peets or Zachary's on Solano Ave and walk up to Indian Rock; there's a path that goes right up from the top of Solano.
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BAM is in the middle of the Berkeley campus, and classes are in session, so street parking will be virtually impossible.

You two could meet at the North Berkeley BART station, both park for free all day (free on weekends), ride one stop to the Downtown Berkeley station, and walk about a mile to BAM.

If you're not up for walking, park at one of the garages off Telegraph and buy something @ a business that validates parking.

Have fun!
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"Indian Rock Park and its less-famous neighbor Great Stone Face Park"

Yes, those are the rocks you want. And they're definitely worth a visit if you have time. But they aren't Half Dome -- it's more a thing of, "Hey, nice rock."

The thing is, the BAM is nowhere near any rocks. BAM, campus, and rocks is a full afternoon agenda, assuming afternoon starts at 12:00.

"You could then meet in Au Coquelet at University and Milvia...That would put you in walking distance of campus and the art museum (well, walk through campus to the art museum)."

Not a bad plan. Au Coquelet is a very easy and conspicuous place to meet.

But realistically a walk from there past tempting shops and bookstores along the way, then through campus, a visit to BAM, and back to your car, is a full afternoon.

By the time you get back to your car you're going to need to chill in a cafe for while before getting in it and navigating to Indian Rock Park.

If you really want to hit campus, BAM and the North Berkeley Parks, I'd park in one of the lots near BAM and meet at BAM.

BTW the Berekeley Art Museum is a amazing, unique building and worth a visit. Especially since they're going to tear it down and it will soon be lost forever.
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BAM was fun, interesting building as you say -- an example of Brutalist architecture, I'm guessing.

We ended up meeting at the West Branch of the Berkeley Library, way down University Ave at San Pablo Ave. I thought the adjacent parking lot (so that's where you park when visiting Everett and Jones BBQ!) was a little sketchy, and the multitude of Towing signs a little initimidating, so instead we just found an unmetered parking space a lttle way down San Pablo.

Indian Rock was great, thanks for all the pointers!
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