Identify this Japanese treat.
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A room-mate, on a recent trip to Japan, brought back some little snacks. One of them has piqued my interest, but I have no way of identifying it.

I can sort of do a rendition of what the label says in MS Paint (if desired), but beyond that I can only offer a description. It's round, with an outer layer of thin white wafer. The inside has some sort of gooey liquid, like a sugarly syrup (maringue?) that's brown. What is the name of this treat, and is there anywhere I can order it online (or buy it) for the United States?
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Is it Pocky?
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A link to an image would have helped...
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Pocky is a stick, sort of like a really skinny breadstick.

Round like a ball or round like a disc? So is it more like a cadbury creme egg or an oreo? If it's round like a ball it might be mochi, which you can get an an asian grocery store.
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It's definitely not Pocky (though that sounds appetizing). The shape of it is rounded, but moreso flat (not a complete ball-shape, more like a tire- or doughnut-shape, but - of course - without the hole in the middle). White exterior, brown interior.
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Try looking at a site like this?
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Is the center gritty and sweet? There is a good chance that it's sweet bean paste. Is it the thing on the left in this picture?
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The center is definitely gritty and sweet - very sugary. I'm sure these tasty treats come in different forms, but the one on the left in that photo doesn't look like the item. (What is that called, anyway, just in case I do find an Asian market in the area?)
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sounds like daifuku, which is mochi wrapped around a filling of sweet adzuki bean paste. You can find them in the bakery or frozen food section of Japanese grocery stores.

Mochi itself is just glutinous rice that has been cooked and pounded till it gets that kind of chewy texture. It can be sold plain and eaten as a sweet or savory snack.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can make it yourself:
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Sounds like Collon

Comes in many vareities, including white cracker shell with dark insides.
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I'm sure it's something Oolong had balanced on his head. Or one similar. I know it's something I've eaten before, but I cannot for the life of me remember the name. That Oolong photo is called "monaka", which makes sense, since "naka" means "inside".
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The photo ArsncHeart posted is what it looked like.
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