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Wi-fi filter: can you help me decide how to find the best broadband connection?

BTW - Houston area. I used to really be up on all of the latest in tech news although in recent year I haven't kept up as well. I currently have a DSL connection via AT&T. It is just fine, and the speed is OK and the stability is very good (stability/reliability is as or more important than speed, but of course I want it all). I've had cable in the past, and it was pretty decent, although I had more reliability issues, and the speed was compromised during peak hours (presumably because there are mutiple people on the same pipe as opposed to dedicated DSL). The DSL is OK for my present uses, but would like to find out if there is anything better. I've heard of Clear, I've heard of Fiber. What the fastest thing out there that is reliable that doesn't break the bank? I'd be willing to pay more than I currently do for DSL, but perhaps slightly less than an arm and a leg. Suggestions?
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The 1st step is to find out what is available at your location. You can do that here.
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Clear won't be faster than DSL, "fiber" will, if it's available. You can get fiber internet much faster than DSL speeds, depending on what you want to pay. Sometimes you can bundle with TV and phone also. That's basically all there is: cable, dsl, wireless (something like Clear) or fiber.
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Xfinity wireless (Comcast) is nice around Houston. Never had a problem with it.
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