What is this painless bump on my lip?
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I have a painless bump on inside of lip? It has no head, it's not discolored, and is not filled with any kind of fluid. What IS it?

About 3 days ago i woke up and found this bump (photo: http://oi56.tinypic.com/vq4efq.jpg) on the edge of the inside of my lip. I don't remember biting or burning my lip or anything and there is absolutely no pain. There's no color to it, no head and it definitely is not a sore or blister.
I've googled non stop but still cannot find an answer.
It sounded a lot like a polyp or a mucocele but it doesn't look like photos of that either. It doesn't look like a wart either. and there's no other tiny clusters or anything like that. what IS it? Am I just being paranoid?

**Also, I'm not sure if this could be related at all but I recently started taking adderall again which, at times, can make my mouth dry and can make it hard to swallow.
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You probably had an allergic reaction to something because you already had an open wound on your lip, possibly very minuscule. It got in, the bump was created and the small wound healed in the meantime. If it doesn't go away in three days go to a doctor.
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It could be a Mucocele. I've had them before; it went away in a few weeks. Try not to pick at it, it will only make it worse!
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I've had one for about 8 years. It got significantly smaller and less bothersome when I stopped using flouride toothpaste, FWIW. The dentist said it needs to be removed surgically so when I have a tooth pulled (ewww), I'll have that done as well.

Mine is on the inside at the base of the lip area.
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Mucocele is very likely what you have. they tend to get bigger and more uncomfortable if you bite them or try to squeeze them. if there is no break in the surface tissue, and no patchy appearance then wait until your next check-up and mention it to your dentist. if you can't wait go have it checked.
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