I need a non-ugly desk chair.
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I practically live at my desk. Where can I find a simple yet comfortable desk chair that looks good too? Probably black. Preferably armless. Under $200. Recommendations PLEASE!

THIS looks so attractive, but I can't imagine it being comfortable. THIS felt comfortable, but it isn't very attractive. And THIS is my desk.

I'm neither looking for nor opposed to any particular kind of chair, but I do want a few things:
Wheels. The ability to sit with my legs crossed (or other awkward positions as I am kinda fidgety - thus, armless, or at least with arms that don't attach at the front. I'd be happy with something low and simple. I just want a desk chair that looks good in my modern minimalist loft and is comfortable to sit on.

In case it helps: I'm a guy. 5'10", 145 pounds, and back support is not one of my key concerns here.

Any and all recommendations HIGHLY appreciated!!!
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I switched my office chair for an inflatable 85 cm Ø ball and it's been great on my back and surprisingly comfortable. Might be a hassle with your desk, but it's a good and fidgety option, and once you learn to balance you can sit cross-legged on it…
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I sit on a ball, too -- it's smaller than monocultured's because I have short legs. :)

I find it's very helpful for fidgetiness. I can bounce on it or balance on it or lean all the way backwards on it or kneel on it with my elbows on my desk.

It may not have wheels, but it's certainly armless, simple, and minimalist.
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I have a chair exactly like the first one that you linked to. I find it very comfortable. The seat is a bit springy, so you can rock/lean back very slightly, which makes it more comfy than if it were completely stiff and stationary. And it looks very sharp, clearly a knockoff of this classic chair.
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Along the lines of the ball-as-chair: kneeling chair, perhaps?
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Response by poster: I'm really looking for a chair rather than a ball or a kneeling chair (thanks for the thoughts though!), because it will occasionally (though rarely) serve as an extra chair in my living room.
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Probably not what you're looking for, but I have one of these, and it's fantastically comfortable.
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I find this Bungee Office chair to be cool-looking and super comfortable (the bungees are tighter than they look, it's not like sitting on a hammock or a balance ball or anything), but I'm quite a bit shorter and lighter and more female than you, so you should definitely sit on it before you buy it.
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I have a steelcase leap chair that I found online used for about $250 a *long* time ago. It's decently comfortable (was between this and the aeron), but the seat cushion is annoyingly hard/thin. I don't think it's your design taste, but you could start looking at used high-end chairs (which might open up some options).

I sat in the chairs at staples. The Arcadia Mesh Task Chair is <>
I think you like "designer" type chairs (modern, minimalist), judging from your first link. You also have a low budget (<>
I feel like I don't have much to add here, except that it does seem harder than you'd think to pick a decent chair.
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