EH ?
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Wang Liao ? In the middle of the Sahara ? I think we should be told !

According to google maps, there seems to be a place called Wang Liao in the sahara desert, i'm not too sure about that - anyone have any explanations why ?

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Not sure about this specific place but China has been investing heavily in infrastructure in Africa. So it wouldn't surprise me to see a place named that.
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If you move a decimal point in the longitude you get 23.433324, 121.47732. Which is in Taiwan. This has Wang-liao, Taiwan listed as different coordinates, but it's close.
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I guess by "close" I mean in the same country. It's on the opposite coast of Taiwan.
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This map of North Africa also shows Wang-Liao, as just inside the border of Niger and near the spot where borders of Niger, Algeria, and Libya meet.

This doesn't necessarily prove anything--it might well be based on the same underlying data as the Google map--but just another data point.
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Ok, here is my theory:

Wang-Liao, Niger is at lat 23.433, long 12.15.

Wang-Liao, Taiwan is at lat 23.433, long 120.15. (Zoom out just a bit and you'll see WangLiao Elementary School, etc.)

This is w-a-y to coincidental to be an actual coincidence. Someone just made a data entry error when typing in lat/long coordinates for Wang-Liao, Taiwan. They typed 12.15... instead of 120.15...

Since no one much uses Google maps or the like in that area of Niger (or even lives or travels there--the entire district of Agadez, Niger, only has 1.3 people per square mile, but most of that is concentrated in the south, while this spot is in the desolate far north), it's just never been noticed/corrected.
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brilliant flug !!!!!
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