Tarzan graphic novel.
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Help me find this Tarzan graphic novel. Degree Of Difficulty: I can't remember the date of release, the name of it nor the author's name.

When I was a wee lad, we had a graphic novel that was about the origins of Tarzan and beyond. Maybe it was just a graphic retelling of the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I'm sure the release of this book had to be the '60s; the early '70s at the latest. I wonder if it's even still in print. No one in my family has seen it in years and they can't remember the details either.
Do you remember this book? If so, is it still in print or can I find a cheap copy of it anywhere?
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Was it hardcover? If so, it's most likely this.

Wikipedia says: "Watson-Guptill Publications published hardcover comic book versions of the first half of Tarzan of The Apes in 1972 and four stories from Jungle Tales of Tarzan in 1976. These were illustrated by Hogarth many years after he stopped doing the newspaper strip and had a level of penmanship rarely seen in comics or even illustrations. It had captions of text from the novel instead of speech balloons."
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I don't recall them being collected in graphic novel form at the time, but Joe Kubert's Tarzan comics came out in the early 70s.
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You should be able to find tons of Tarzan-related pictures to jog your memory at incredibly nerdy Tarzan site ERBzine, if you can navigate their terrible layout. From what I can make out...

Most promising is the Hogarth graphic novel (scroll down for illustrations) that 1970's Antihero mentioned. Also, there were origin story adaptations in the early 70's by Gold Key Comics and DC Comics. Further afield, there was a 1967 Big Little Book (Tarzan and the Mark of the Red Hyena) that had text and illustrations on facing pages, and, just on the off chance that you were imagining the pictures altogether, they have a list of Tarzan of the Apes reprints, with cover gallery. And here (scroll down most of the way) is the cover of the Hogarth sequel, Jungle Tales of Tarzan.
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