Where in Milwaukee can I take a Tiffany Portfolio watch to be appraised/sold?
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Where in/near Milwaukee can I take a Tiffany Portfolio watch to be appraised/sold?

I looked on ebay, and prices seem to range from weekend drinking money to oh-my-god-no-way money, so I'd like to get a professional opinion. I'm not a jewelry kind of guy so I don't even know where to start.
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New, I think they ran around $600. Since they use a generic quartz movement and are usually made of stainless steel, I think they would now run closer to weekend drinking money. Given the fact that you seem to have an affiliation with a legendary drinking city, I realize that could be quite a substantial sum.

However, I own one, and to give you a better sense of the value, when the date ring started sticking, my usually reputable jeweler told me not to bother fixing it since the cost to do so was in excess the value of the watch.
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Just check the Yellow Pages under jewelers and start calling. A quick look shows Stein's downtown buys some things but probably only related to precious metals. Otherwise look for Pawn Shops - there are a few in town.
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My mom has gone to Shallow Jewelers in West Allis for the past million years. I've always gotten great service when I've gone in there, and I know they sell and appraise watches. I'm not sure if they will buy them.
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