Multi-platform task management
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I am looking for a simple task management application with web, iOS and Android clients. I need something that allows tasks to be shared and/or assigned to other people.

I am a self-employed Ms-Fixit who works in several different locations over a week. Although I have set times to go into a couple of my workplaces, my tasks are many and varied. I look after their servers and networks and set up, trouble-shoot and fix computers, AV and telephone gear and other "stuff".

I have a contact person in each workplace who does some of the groundwork for me. Generally we communicate using email and the odd text message.

What I would like to find is a task management program that will allow them and me to set up the jobs for the day. I'd also like to be able to assign tasks to others and have them share tasks with me. I need to keep each workplace private to itself.

Currently I am quite happy using ( because it works beautifully on my Android phone but my contacts are using iPhones and there isn't an iOS client (yet).

I would be interested to hear what other multi-platform stuff is out there? What has worked for you?
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Do you need a dedicated android client or would a web client suffice? I think flow would be perfect for this - but it only has a website for android atm.
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Todo.txt follows the GTD paradigm, it works around a very simple text file (really easy to edit by hand) and the android client syncs with dropbox. You could use it with a text editor on iOS and have everything you need.

There was an iOS client in the works, but work seems to have stalled.
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Could they post items onto your google calendar?
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Have you tried Wunderlist?
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OOooooh Wunderlist looks like exactly the right thing.

Thanks others, but dedicated apps are necessary when you're working under pressure.
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