set top box to attach to a monitor for airport style display?
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What sort of set-top box should I connect to a 47" monitor to display an auto-refreshing webpage/webservice vertically?

The monitor is already purchased. The page is mostly built. I think I could connect a Logitech Revue, style the page with -webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg);, and simply mount the display vertically. This seems so simple, and so cheap, that I am scared I am missing something. Is there a better way?

Additionally, with the Logitech Revue (or any other box you might be recommending) how gracefully can the page auto-refresh? I can imagine writing some AJAXy stuff to do it fairly cleanly and sensibly, but a plain old page refresh every 90 seconds, or whatever, sounds delightfully low-tech.
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You're kind of ice skating uphill by using anything other than a real computer for this. You can find very cheap, very small Atom-based small form-factor PCs that will be far more flexible than the Revue and better suited in almost every way.
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Why would you not use an EEEE PC or similar?
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Best answer: Just get a cheap Mac mini. You don't need the latest and greatest -- a used one for $200 or so would work, esp. since you're just showing web content. Plug in a DVI connector, rotate the display and set the display prefs (or use CSS tricks), and you're set.
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An ASUS eee Box is in the ~$220 range and yeah, running windows or Ubuntu it will render web pages to a monitor much better and will handle the portrait orientation as well.
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A nice thing about Mac minis for this application is that they are low-power and low noise. Most PCs use a fair amount of electricity and their fans make a lot of noise. Buyer beware.
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My ASUS EEE PC is dead silent, FWIW. I have an old 10" and it streams movies to my TV and prepsentations to projectors and monitors all the time. Zero issues.
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Blazecock - most of these small PCs are virtually silent and use very little power. Although the Mac Minis are much better computers overall, for this purpose one would be overkill.
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Panic did something similar to this.

There's probably not a more Mac-centric company out there (other than Apple itself) and they went with a PC for this task, due to the cost (free in this case).
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If you're not fortunate enough to have a TV with the PC built into the cabinet, there are loads of security enclosures for the Mac mini, which could be useful if you are installing this in a public space. Another thing to think about.
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Response by poster: My reasoning for the set-top box was the size (mount it behind the screen) and the remote control interface (rather than having to connect a keyboard/mouse to it I could use the included remote), but I think we are going with a Mac Mini. Thanks!
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If you have an iPhone, you can remote control a Mac or PC very easily with Logitech Touch Mouse. There are other more fully-featured apps but that one works great and it's free.
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