Brooklyn Wholesae Beer and Wine Distributor for Wedding?
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I am getting married in two weeks in the Prospect Park Picnic House in Brooklyn. My fiancee and I are providing the alcohol (two types of beer, a red wine and a white wine and a glass of champagne for a champagne toast). Does anyone have good recommendations for a local business that we can buy in bulk from and have them deliver the alcohol to the Picnic House on the day of the wedding?

Our caterer has not been the best in being responsive to our questions on this matter (although he did estimate how much alcohol he thought we would need), so I thought I would ask here so I have some potential options if the caterer doesn't get back to us soon. We would prefer a Brooklyn-based business, but it is not that important.
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Brooklyn Beer & Soda can probably take care of your beer. They have a decent selection and are generally nice people. Though I don't know if they cater/deliver specifically, I'm pretty sure I've seen a van out front -- absolutely worth a call. There's an un-affiliated liquor store at the same intersection that could maybe help with the wine?
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I believe that Jetro does not require a wholesale license for those purchasing beer. The Brooklyn Brewery label retails there for $30 for a case of 24 beers.
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I used Dry Dock Wine & Spirits in Red Hook for the wine for my party. We were able to get a tasty red, and a tasty white for about $8 a bottle. There were cheaper wines, but ... you know. Wedding. Anyhow, I think they can deliver for you as well - don't quote me on that one.
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Oh, we used Cava instead of Champagne for the toast, as it was substantially more cost-effective.
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How much bulk do you need? They aren't a wholesaler but I love T.B. Ackerson, in Ditmas Park.
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Jetro is so cheap for beer your brains will explode. No sales tax ID or license necessary for the alcohol and candy there, don't be scared by the signage. No delivery for those types of items, though, AFAIK. It's right next to the Home Depot in Gowanus, open til 3 or 4pm every day.
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Response by poster: As for bulk, we are looking at 16 cases of beer, 8 cases of wine and 2 cases of champagne.

For the wine and champange (probably persecco actually), I think we are going to go with Scotto's in Cobble Hill. For beer, we are looking at Jetros or American Beer (also in Cobble Hill).

Thanks everyone for the comments and if you have any experience with the places I've mentioned, please let me know.
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Response by poster: For closure, we used Scotto's in Cobble Hill. They were great and very helpful and were able to deliver to the wedding venue itself.

For beer, we used American Beer in Cobble Hill. They were also friendly and helpful. They were able to deliver the 15 cases to our apartment and then I had the groomsmen get cabs to get it all to the venue.
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