What sound is this?
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What is the percussion used in this performance by Vox Vulgaris?

At about one minute into this youtube track, there is clattery percussion kind of like a handful of spoons or a bunch of disks like on a tambourine, but what percussion instrument is this?
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That sounds like a combination of various percussion instruments.
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Sounds like maybe they're using drum brushes. (Not a drum expert, but my brother played them growing up so unfortunately I'm more familiar with the various sounds they make than I ever wanted to be.)
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Best answer: It's definitely something shaken, metallic. It's some sort of shaken bell/jingle, not unlike jingle bells, but of a different shape/material that produces a different tone.

There are dozens of different types of shaker jingler dealies.

FWIW - I have a music degree and my primary instrument is/was percussion.
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Best answer: It sounds like they are tambourines to me. Several at least, of different pitches and timbres. Also, it sounds like they are both shaking them and tapping them.

If you set a tambourine on a cloth covered surface (to avoid clicking on a hard table) you can just tap lightly on the rim with fingers to get a nice short crisp sound.

It's difficult to hear until about 1:17 when they quiet down. When they do, you can hear distinct crisp 16th note patterns: tikkatikkatik tikkatikkatik.
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Definitely seconding tambourines and the deeper sound may just be a larger frame drum of a sort.
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