Bi/hetero male-dom erotica?
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Novel length male-dom, hetero or bisexual BDSM erotica?

I'll take it anywhere from Anne Rice to Marquis de Sade in tone and content.

I'd prefer something better plotted and characterized than excruciating web smut serials.
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Story of O is kind of seminal if you haven't read it already.
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Response by poster: Damnit. I'm sorry, I guess I missed a key point in the question.

I'm looking for stuff from the male point of view specifically.
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I haven't read them but the Gor series sounds like it would fit your criteria.
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You might get a kick out of Querelle de Brest.
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You're on FetLife right? (I can't remember.) Anyway that's a great place to ask.
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Are you willing/able to read ebooks?

Most of the really good BDSM erotica seems to be written and consumed by women and thus has more of a female perspective. Unless the male perspective is absolutely imperitave, I'd recommend Carrie's Story by Molly Weatherfield - excellent erotica, really well-drawn, intelligent characters.

Annabel Joseph writes excellent BDSM erotica - it's definitely a bit more from a female sub perspective (as she herself is a female sub), but most of her books tend to trade off perspectives between the male doms and the female subs. I particularly liked Comfort Object. They're marketed to romance readers, so beware the terrible covers. The same goes for Anneke Jacob's As She's Told (but beware, the BDSM is quite extreme in this one).

You might like Elliot Mabeuse - The Good Student was decent, certainly better than your typical web smut.

Mr. Benson is a classic of gay BDSM fiction, but I haven't read it.
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You might want to try Kushiel's Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey, which are fantasy novels centered on royal politics/conspiracies, mixed with a BDSM and lots of hetero/bi/gay mixing. The main character of the first trilogy is a female sub, while the second trilogy (Imriel Trilogy) focuses on a male dom point of view.

I've only read the first trilogy though, which I recommend. I haven't read the male trilogy so I don't know how well they match up - if there's anywhere near the same amount of sex then it will definitely cover the erotica angle, but the political maneuverings were always just as important.
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He is way old-school (as well as all kinds of not PC), but some of Marcus van Heller's books definitely meet your criteria.
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The Administration Series, most bdsm scenes are m/m as far as I recall. Available for free online, some stories also as e-books and as paperbacks. Great plot and characterisation, but perhaps the smut to plot ratio is slightly too low to properly count as erotica.
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I haven't read them but the Gor series sounds like it would fit your criteria.

I've read several of the--I think--26 novels in the series. They're preposterous and, even worse, stupifyingly boring. But they ARE all about master/slave relationships in a male-dominated world. The men battle and brutalize while the women cower and serve, which, supposedly, puts them in touch with their true feminine selves. While there are some so-called Free Women, the vast majority find fulfillment in absolute subjection to their male overlords. Which is to say, there's nothing like a good beating to make a girl know whom she loves and serves.

It's definitely not smut, though. The endless narratives do leave out the graphic parts.
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