Sandals with arch support
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Flat feet + Tevas = Pain. Can anyone recommend a) sports sandals with good arch support, or b) sources for custom orthotically-boosted models?
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Chaco! They have great arch support and come in two different widths. If you need a high arch, the women's models are made with one. Pricey but made to last, and they can be resoled.
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Cha cha cha Chacos! They're great. Mine always take a few days to get used to at the beginning of summer, but after that I can hike in them for days and not get sore.
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I third the Chaco my first pair this summer after years or complaining about ill-fitting sandals, and I'm in love with them. Worth the price.
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Reefs are cheap and have nice arch support.
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I'm not sure what you mean by "sports" sandals, but I have had great experiences with Merrell shoes. I have flat feet too and the clogs I have by them don't hurt at all while every other shoe I have had in the last 3 years has hurt like hell. They're pricey - $70 and up unless you get them on sale - but well worth it. I actually just bought my second pair because they were so good.
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Anyone have any comments about Keen sandals? I saw a bunch on people at a music fest the other day, and then the guy whose house we were staying at was raving about them.
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Response by poster: Yea, I've heard about Chacos. But I have like no arches. Can you even get prescription sports sandals?
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I also have no arches and terrible pronation. My pair of Merrells have lasted me for five years and I love them dearly. Unfortunately, they're falling apart and their style doesn't seem to be sold anymore, but perhaps the company has other styles that might help you.
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Keen makes good sandals in a bunch of styles with good arch support. I love my pair.
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Yeah, I also have a pair of Keens. The arch isn't as prominent as the Chacos, so they may be better for you.
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I fourth Chacos - just bought a pair in women's wide and the arch support is great. It was a bit pricey but I love them so far.
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I got a pair of custom-made sandals from a chiropractor. It was covered by insurance and everything. They are most awesome.
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Chacos are the best sandals ever. They are ideal canoeing/boating/camping shoes, too, because they dry really quickly and thus minimize stink and chafing.

My wife has keens, and she likes them, but I am skeptical of them because they have so much more material that I am sure they would retain more water than I like.

Chacos chacos chacos.
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My FIL bought the grandkids Keens. Well made, and cool.

Superfeet makes amazing, highly recommended hiking and running inserts. They are not ugly, and stiffer than crappy foam inserts. Perhaps they could be inserted within Tevas?
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