Capitalism with a kitten face?
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Let's say I have 12 hours to do a crash course in socially responsible investing. What should I read/watch/think about to get myself up to speed?

Some previous posts have touched on the topic, mostly discussing its validity as an investment strategy.

What I'm really looking for is information on the history of the category, well-articulated arguments for and against it, and big-picture summaries of how it works and where it might be headed. Bonus points for anything discussing what current economic troubles might spell for the sector.

I'm open to books, TED talks, journal articles, animations - anything really.

Assume I know virtually nothing and want to be an expert 12 hours from now.
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Best answer: the CFA institute website has an entire section on the topic. You may need to be a member to access the papers, but I'm guessing the name of the paper + google will get you what you need.
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Best answer: Couple items:

Article by Dr. Meir Statman of Santa Clara University. This will give you some good background on the subject.

Also be sure to check out the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment they are a professional organization for individuals in this field and have a number of publications on their site that would be a great resource for you.
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