How to Fix My iPod
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My iPod Nano 4th gen has no backlight. Fix it myself or get the Apple store downtown to do it.

I bought my iPod from a friend and in the past couple days the backlight has stopped working.

I have an Apple store downtown and can go down there no problem. But I have no idea how much that will cost/if diagnosis charges will get applied to a fix/etc.

So is it worth it to try to buy a part and fix it myself (which really means finding a friend) or should I just take it to the Apple store?
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Finding out what they say at the Apple Store would be the obvious first step. You can check your service options here. The iPod is almost certainly out of warranty, so you'll be paying either way.

Apple devices like the Nano are usually pretty difficult to open and service. Also, I don't see backlights available anywhere as a standalone part. I don't think repairing it yourself is a realistic option.
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Here's what you'll probably be looking at paying: iPod Repair Costs.
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i agree with designbot, but if you have the tools and a steady hand, you might want to try the take-it-apart-and-put-it-back-together-and-see-what-happens fix that works far more often than it should.

I love how Apple's repair prices are fixed no matter what the issue. Less a repair price and more a we'll throw it away for you and sell you a refurbished on price
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You could maybe look around if there's a 3rd party repair shop near you. I've had good experiences with these guys here in Vancouver twice - once when my hard drive died, and once when the logic board got fried in the rain. Both times they did the repairs on the spot in under 15 minutes, and threw in free new batteries as well.
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