How to fix erectile dysfunction as a result of bike riding?
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How to fix erectile dysfunction as a result of bike riding?

I am a man in my mid 20s. I have been a daily bike rider for years. I was riding a typical road bike with drop bars, etc. for years, until 2 months ago. I had decided I wanted a more comfortable style bike, since I was commuting as opposed to racing/touring. Since I got my new city bike, my ride got more comfortable, but I began to experience problems with my sex life.`

Before this all happened, my sex life was absolutely perfect. Daily sex, multiple times, and no problems. When I found myself not being able to get it up, it took me about a week to figure out what had happened. Not only was I having trouble getting it up, but my sex drive went way, way down and after 2 orgasms I experience pain. Most likely, it was due to my new bike seat, which was of a "comfort" design, notorious for being bad for your junk. When I started doing the research and finally realizing what had happened, I bought a new bike seat, and made sure that I was following all the advice from Google (weight on your sit bones, not on your crotch.) My questions is this: is the damage permanent, or does it need treatment? If so, how could I treat this? I don't have access to a doctor, and certainly not a specialist. Google only points me to research proving or disproving whether bike seats can cause these problems, it does not address treatment or permanent damage. Other mefi questions only suggest getting a new seat and getting my bike professionally adjusted, which I did two weeks ago, without seeing any results. What can I do? What can I do now that the damage has been done? email:ignsidktnladkn@gmail
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you need to see a doctor. It may or may not be related to the seat. Discontinue use of the bike for now.
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I think the question you should be asking is "How do I go about finding a doctor given I have the following list of challenges?" You're not going to be able to figure out what's going wrong with your junk and treat it yourself.
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See a urologist. Even if you could prove it was the bike seat, then what would you do about it?
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Yeah, I agree with the other posters. I know you don't have access to a doctor or urologist, but there's a lot of conflicting info about the harms of bike seats, especially dealing with the duration.

In the meantime, ride as little as you can, and maybe switch back to your road bike. Or, if you aren't going too far, stand on your pedals the whole way, so you're not sitting. You don't necessarily know it was the bike, but if it was you need to minimize usage. But it comes down to seeing a specialist.

If you're in the US, I'll note that there's a chance that Planned Parenthood might offer ED services.
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Seconding Planned Parenthood. If there is a medical school in your area check out their clinics.
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If the erectile dysfunction is a result of trauma associated with the bicycle I would be quite optimistic it would repair/heal itself. I am speculating as I have no specific medical knowledge to support this. The process of getting an erection is a pretty basic and primitive response and one I would think quite repairable in the face of mild to moderate chronic or acute trauma. The question I would ask is whether you are experiencing nocturnal erections, immediately before awakening or through masturbation. If you have ceased having any erections (including partial) I would get thee to a physician ASAP--if you have nocturnal erections or ones through self stimulation/or assisted I would say the wiring is intact. Can not speak to the pain but if this persists I would also go to a physician ASAP. Wishing you good sex and good riding. ( I might point out that I once called my wife after taking a 100 mile bike ride and said--I am glad you are pregnant as I do believe our sex life is over. I lost all sensation in the pelvic area for about 18-24 hours. I am happy to report that all was well in day or two.)
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Every dedicated cyclist I have spoken to in depth has had some level of this problem; one good friend tells me he had genital numbness for six months.

I think you should get off your bike for at least months, and off your sex partners as much as the two of you can stand for a while, except for making sure your prostate doesn't get full.

A stool softener probably wouldn't hurt, either.
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I agree that this may or may not be even remotely related to your bike seat. Also, your sex-drive is bound to decrease somewhat in your mid-twenties because you are not a damn teenager anymore. Enjoy your newfound ability to focus on other things!
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Switch to a recumbent bicycle. They're very comfortable, and I bet there's a good reason more men ride 'em than women.
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Did you see this recent NYT article? It may have some useful info.
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