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Do I have to surrender my CA driver's license when applying for a new one in Maryland?

Simply, will the Maryland MVA make me surrender my CA license to them when they give me my new MD license? I've waiting for quite awhile to get a MD license as I wasn't sure if I was going to remain here after I graduated, now I must reregister my car so I'm sure I need a MD DL. (Oddly enough, I wasn't required to have one when I leased my car at a MD car dealership two years ago).

I've scoured the MD MVA site for an answer but all they say is they require your existing license for proof of identity and that you've passed a driver's test in your previous state, but do they physically take it from you?

Can anyone provide any anecdata here?
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They will either confiscate the old license (like they do in WI) or invalidate it by punching a hole through the expiration date portion of the license (like they do in CA).
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I recently moved to Maryland and they took my old license away.
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When I moved from PA to MD in 1996 the MVA in Glen Burnie took my PA license when they issued me my MD license. In 2011 I'm moving back to MD again from PA and I'm certain they will take my PA license again. Along with gobs of cash to pay for taxes, title, and the MD Safety Inspection on my vehicle. Yay F(r)ee State!
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Yes. Because of their general proximity to DC and VA (land of 'we gave the 9/11 hijackers licenses.. our bad!), they will indeed confiscate or destroy your license.

Most states have a clause for such, now that I think about it- I've seen clauses in SC, NC, VA, NY, and FL. I suspect mostly for the aspect of you can really only have one permanent/main address.
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I'm pretty you're only allowed an operator's permit from one state at a time. Depends on the state, whether the old one's confiscated or punched. Since I've only moved away from Maryland, I don't know what the MVA does. Bt not to worry, Sacramento won't forget you -- when you return to the Golden State, they'll give you back your old license number!
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Anecdata as well:

I registered my car in Texas but I still have a California license. Are you sure you have to get a new license to register your car?
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When I got my MD license in 2007, they did take and keep my Illinois license.
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