Maybe because they shoot horses?
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James Thurber fans, gather 'round. I'm reading his The Years with Ross and in the chapter titled "More Miracle Men" is a Thurber drawing of a star above a horse, and the horse is shedding a tear. I can scarcely believe I'm using a question for this, but I greatly wish to know: Why is the horse crying?
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Digging out my copy, I recalled my original passing reaction: The NY Times editor Harold W. Ross regretted his mistreatment of Bill Levick, who quit and subsequently died, as Thurber recounts on the pages preceding the illustration.

On re-reading, "A tottery graybeard says he saw Levick one day in the office with tears in his eyes--tears of fury or frustration were not infrequent in some of the men who worked for Ross," I considered an alternative: One could take the horse as Levick and the star as Ross and the rigor Ross demanded.

Or maybe, none of the above.
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I know his granddaughter. I've sent her an email to see if she knows.
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I have no comment except that the above comment is why the Internet is the best thing ever.
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The illustration is from "A New Natural History", originally published in "The Beast in Me" and reproduced in "Alarms and Diversions". The animal depicted is the Hopeless Quandary, not a horse.
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Ah yes, the Hopeless Quandary. It's weeping from despair.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. I'm still holding out to hear what Thurber's granddaughter has to say, but I do feel like we've got this one down. I feel better knowing it's not just an unhappy horse.
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Still no word from her. I think you've got your answer, though.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I do have my answer. Thanks for trying, and thanks again to all.
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