Boston-Mount Washinton-Boston Help?
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Taking our 7 & 9 year old girls on a whirlwind tour of New Hampshire next week, looking for overnight lodging suggestions between our destinations. Except for the final day in Hampton our hotels will be just "arrive in the evening, depart in the morning" affairs...

The general plan is this:

1. Arrive at destination for the day.
2. Drive about 1/3 of the way to the next day's destination and bed down.
3. Rinse, Repeat.

We live in Boston and should know more about this stuff, but neither my wife or I are from this area, though we have lived here over 10 years. Here's our plan starting this coming Wednesday:

1. Drive to Canobie Lake Amusement Park (our daughters have been there twice with girl scouts and love it, wife and I have never been). Any must sees here also appreciated.
2. Next destination is the Mount Washington Cog Railway, we plan to drive about an hour North and then check in somewhere for the night, lessening the trip for the next day, this is where we could use some help for a nice family friendly hotel, I'm guessing around Concord?
3. Off to Mount Washington on Thursday, go up the Cog Railway, enjoy the sights, museum, etc. and we want to be in Hampton, NH the next day reasonably early so we want to drive maybe 90 minutes south and bed down again. Nice family hotel with a pool would be great.
4. Friday - arrive in Hampton, NH. This is embarrassing because my wife and I lived there for a year, right on the beach as renters, but we have no idea what the good family hotels are. We would like to stay for one night but have the kids play on the beach both Friday afternoon and Saturday then head back home to Boston late Saturday, so we don't mind paying extra for proximity to the beach. Much as my wife and I don't enjoy such things, we'd like to take the kids to all the arcades and such on Friday night, so being close to the "honky-tonk" section of Hampton would also be nice.

Any and all suggestions extremely appreciated. If there's any short stopovers along the way (basically up Route 93 and down Route 16) that the kids would enjoy, thanks for that too.
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Just a side note to call as soon as you start making decisions on hotels, because it's probably going to be a busy weekend. I'm sure you'll find something, but FYI. I had to try a few campgrounds in the White Mountains for 8/26-8/27, which is not exactly the same, I realize. Have fun! I'll honk when we pass you!
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I am asking a couple of friends/family for Hampton and Salem advice. In the meantime, I would try TripAdvisor (for example -- they're offering some kind of deal).
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For your Thursday evening after Mount Washington, there's The Common Man Inn in Plymouth. My family was just there a few weeks ago, visiting relatives in Plymouth, and we had a room with two queen beds and a fireplace. The room was HUGE and also had a fold-out sofa.
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Bother-in-law says his hotel was "expensive and disgusting" and can't remember which one it was. Helpful!
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Oops, "brother"-in-law, aka bother-in-law.
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I botched that example URL; it should have been this. I'm stepping away from the keyboard for the night, for fear of any more typos . . .
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Hampton Beach: I worked at Ashworth by the Sea many years ago. It was one of the better hotels on the main drag overlooking the water. Looks like it's still there.
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