Wifi doesn't recognize me or my PW
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Can't access my wifi. Both my Dell & iPhone show it's available, & it worked earlier this morning, but now, not only doesn't it default me in, but if I request access it doesn't recognize my PW. This doesn't make sense to me. What are my next steps? Thanks
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Troubleshooting steps are

- check to make sure that you are connecting to YOUR router and not another similarly named router
- check the cables to make sure everything's connected the way it's supposed to be
- if this is the default config given to you by your ISP you should call them, it's their job to fix this sort of thing for you
- can you access the internet if you plug your laptop directly into the router?
- check the make sure that the lights look normal
- see if you can take the password off the wifi and connect normally

If that doesn't immediately fix the problem you should

- turn the computer off and on again
- turn the router of and on again
- turn the wireless router [if different from the main router] off and on again
- reset the router to factory settings [there is usually a little thing you poke with a pin that will set the router's settings to the defaults

I'm not sure how tech savvy you are so some of the steps beyond this will vary depending on how much you know how to do already but for further help you could let us know

- What brand/model router you have
- Whether you have an additional wireless router or if the router does the wifi itself
- Whether you configured this network yourself or if someone else did

And we can go from there. How are you accessing the internet to ask this question?
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I'm accessing & asking using 3G on my iPhone. I've tried several of the steps you suggested and I'm currently on hold w my ISP provider to have them check their end. BTW my laptop Does work when cabled directly. I'll advise post ISP check. Thank You!
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If your lapto works it has nothing to do with your ISP (although you've probably spent hours with them already). Besides ISP yech support doesn't know spit. I know as I used to be a tech trainer for a large (the largest) ISP.

Do what jessamyn said....in the order that she gave it.

I would add one thing.

2. Remove all password protection security from your wireless router.

3. Delete ALL router stored passwords from your iPhone (Settings... general...reset...reset network settings)

4. do a HARD RESET on your iphone (this is ESSENTIAL!!) Hard reset means holding your power and home buttons for a FULL 10-15 seconds until you see the apple logo on boot

5. Futz with your iPhone and attempt to reconnect to your wireless router with NO security

6. Once #4 works set security up on your wireless router using WPA2 (NOT sinple WPA and not WEP)

7. futz with iphone again and enter the wpa2 password for your router

Do those 7 steps (in that order) and you should be good to go
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add .... 2a. reboot the wireless router

also #6 should read " Once #5 works ...." instead of "Once #4 works ..."
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Following steps now. Will advise. THANKS!
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YES!! I'm in. The step of changing the security mode from WPA to WPA2 made the difference. Thank you, both of you, SO much! I couldn't have done it without your help.
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