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I'm flying down to Salt Lake City as part of the installation team for an interactive sculpture that's going into the Leonardo. We'll be there about three weeks. I'm generally vegan at home and vegetarian/ vegan out of the house.

We'll be staying in a condo with a kitchen, on Cloverspring Lane, in Cottonwood Heights. The Leonardo is 209 East 500 South.

Any vegitarian/vegan resources in/around those areas? Help! Also helpful: good places to get produce/snacks, etc. Don't know how much time I'll have to cook down there.
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I can't give you specifics as I don't live there, but I travel through SLC airport regularly and I'm always impressed that I can find vegan stuff (clearly marked!) on menus even at the airport. I can't imagine you'll have too much trouble finding tasty things to eat while there.
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Sage's Cafe is alright, but kind of mediocre. The food is good, but it's nothing to write home about. Vertical diner is good if you want some diner style comfort food.
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Have you checked Happy Cow? Looks like they have quite a few suggestions.
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Higher's Big H has a damn fine veggie burger.
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I don't remember where in SLC this place is, but One World Cafe is a great stop for the veg-inclined. Always a vegetarian soup, vegetarian options, and an interesting business model - pay what you can. Lovely little nooks to eat in and delicious food. Casual.

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