70's Disney(?) Movie With Still-Frame Animation
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I'm trying to remember an old (most probably Disney) short feature or possibly an episode of "Wonderful World of Disney" which began with an opening narration, accompanied by pictures of each word the narrator says. (for example, if he said "I felt happy" there would be a picture of an eye, then a picture of a piece of felt, then a picture of a smiley face, timed to his words.)

The era would have been anywhere from 1965 to 1975. It was narrated by a young male, and seemed to have a lot to do with cars, possibly even involving a person turning into a car. Note: it is not "My Mother The Car" or "Dad, Can I Borrow The Car?" (which was a Disney short narrated by Kurt Russell) though the latter seems *very* similar in tone to what I remember. (same era, use of animation, etc.)

This may have been a series pilot, or just a one-shot film. I'm fairly convinced it was from Disney, because at the time (I must have seen it around 1978 or so) I recall being amused and surprised that the word "but" (from the narration) was accompanied on-screen by a close-up of a woman's bikini-clad backside.
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I bet the folks in the Cartoon Brew fb group could help you.
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