Can you help name my sister's and my beauty blog?
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Can you help name my sister's and my new beauty product review blog?

My sister and I are starting a beauty product review blog, showcasing our different points of view on all things makeup/skincare/hair goo/fragrance etc etc.

About us: I'm thirtyish, a writer who is awful at titles, love high end stuff but am currently more into finding awesome drugstore deals. She's a couple of years younger than I am, a soon-to-be new mom and an avowed luxe product fan. I get obsessive about products and then move on -- currently I'm super into nail art -- while she has a broader scope of interest. We grew up in New Mexico but now both live in the Chicagoland area.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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It's a play on "brains before beauty" and suggests to check the blog before purchasing beauty products. Also, it seems to be available.
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Sister Sludge
Pretty Much
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Two Sisters Too Pretty

Playing in Big Sister's Makeup

Honest Beauty

Cosmetic Capers

Makeup Mavens

Frenetic Cosmetic

Beauty Binge

Sister Skin

Skin Kin
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Different Points of You (the .com appears available)
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The Beauty Sisters
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Face Off!
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Building off of TooFewShoes's "TwoFaced" suggestion, maybe "Two Faced Reviews" or "Two Face Reviews"? That "oo" sound pulls it together.
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Beauty And The Rest (kind of a play on Beauty and the Beast).
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Tour of Beauty (like Tour of Duty)
Makeup Shakeup
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I have a sister, and depending on who was talking, one of us was always the pretty one and the other one the smart one. Maybe you have had the same experience once or twice? I think if you're reviewing beauty products it's good to have both on hand. So maybe a riff on that?

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TwoFaced might get in trouble with, or confused with, the makeup brand TooFaced.
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Sibling Rivalry

Beauty before Age

Kids in a Candy Store
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It's almost worth restricting it to hair products alone purely so you can call it:

The Goo Review
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