IQ testing in Columbus
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Where can I get my IQ professionally tested (in Columbus, Ohio)?

Thats it, I would like to get a real IQ test, Googling turns up a few Childhood iq testing centers and a few psychologists, it seems like there must be a testing company or center or something? Thanks everyone.
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Contact Mensa
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Clinical psychologists will be the most reliable testers, and your results will be certified to use for... anything, really. Your insurance might cover it if you can convince the psychologist that it's necessary. (Do you have adult ADD? Are you sure?)
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In general, most clinical psychologists have been trained in administering intellectual assessments, but someone who mostly does psychotherapy may lack recent training/experience in giving IQ tests. For that reason, I would look more specifically for a neuropsychologist. Neuropsychologists are clinical psychologists, but with additional training and expertise in assessment of cognitive abilities. A quick google search shows that there are a number of neuropsychologists in the Columbus area. As far as credentials go, I'd look for someone who is a member of APA Division 40 and board certified by the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology. Those credentials aren't necessary, but they're helpful if you want to be confident that your assessor is top-notch.
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I just had an official one done as part of a barrage of clinical tests for ADHD assessment. My therapist and GP each independently recommended the same clinical psychology office at our local university. I had to wait three months for an appointment, and had to take a full day off work for an appointment that lasted several hours, and then another half-day to get the results, but my insurance did cover it all.

Now I know exactly what my IQ is, in addition to various other numbers, and I have a formal diagnosis. I would like to point out that knowing my exact IQ has been an upsetting experience. It was exactly what I expected, honestly, but I would have preferred ignorance to actually knowing. It kind of sucks. But the formal diagnosis is useful and I will get over the IQ thing someday.

Anyway, contact your GP and see if they can recommend a clinical psychologist. It's expensive if you don't go through your insurance, because of the number of clinical hours it takes to score and assess you. I think they quoted me $900 for the full barrage of tests without any insurance.
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Mrs. Spiffy is right on if you are wanting to know this for clinical reasons. A neuropsychologist is specially trained in evaluating cognitive skills. This brochure from Division 40 of APA gives a bit more information. Here is a list of providers in Ohio and here is another. All are board certified, meaning they have gone an extra step in demonstrating their expertise in neuropsychology.

If you are wanting to do this out of curiousity, you may also consider contacting graduate psychology programs in your area. They are often looking for volunteers for their students to practice administering IQ tests and other measures, usually at no cost. It looks like Ohio State might be the best bet on that front.
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Seconding Mensa.
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You can't. There's no such thing as IQ.
And Mensa is one of the saddest granfalloons ever invented.
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