Bohemia in Despotic countries?
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I'm interested in books about 'underground' or 'bohemian' sub-cultures in despotic regimes. Artists, musicians, intellectuals, or even party kids or 'hippies'. I know there's a ton of these about the Soviet sphere, but I'm also interested in ones in Islamic countries or Asian countries or South America. Fiction or Non-Fiction is fine.
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There's the book Heavy Metal in Baghdad about, um, heavy metal in Baghdad, based on the film of the same name. And in a similar vein there's the film No One Knows About Persion Cats, which is about the indie rock scene in Iran.
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there's a novel abut a fictitious islamic punk scene called The Taqwacores. this inspired a real life scene to solidify, detailed in the documentary Taqwacore.

there's also a book of photography and movie based on the book.
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Does Reading Lolita in Tehran count?
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Graphic fiction okay? Persepolis gets into the Iranian version of this sub-culture a bit.
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Roberto Bolaño's wrote quite a few books about the Bohemia of Latin America in the 20th Century, notably The Savage Detectives, By Night in Chile, Nazi Literature in the Americas and several short stories. Also, there's a non-fiction book I've been meaning to read in forever and have never gotten around to that is precisely about that, The Party and the Arty in China: The New Politics of Culture.
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How aboutThe Unbearable Lightness of Being? (book or film)
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Have you seen Literature from the Axis of Evil?
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Red Dust. By dissident Chinese artist Ma Jian. He and his friends had a bit of a bohemian vibe, if I recall correctly (it's been years since I read it).
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Aimée & Jaguar is a biography and subsequently a film about Jewish/lesbian/underground women in Berlin during the Third Reich.
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