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Since upgrading to OSX Tiger on my Powerbook G4, Adobe Illustrator CS has been acting a little flaky. Among assorted document hangs/crashes (requiring force-quits), Illustrator keeps creating .tmp files on my desktop such as "Acr1058251.tmp". I've done a bit of googling and, as suggested, have changed my prefs to not create PDF's upon saving, but this doesn't seem to help. Have any designers out there found a solid answer to why these files are being created, and a proper fix?
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Try re-installing the app, after first removing the app and the prefs. It could be a permissions issue.
I think the temp files are are copies of the file you had open when the crash occurred. Try changing the extension to .ai and see if Illustrator will open them.
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Illustrator creates temp files whenever you open and work on a file. This isn't unusual. They're probably still around because of your crashing problems. Normally, the temp files get deleted when you close the file you're working.

We've had some problems with programs (PS, InDesign) after upgrading up Tiger here as well -- a reinstall of the program has seemed to fix the problems, so far.
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