The girl with the golden shoes.
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I seek awesome gold or gold-and-ivory heels for my wedding. I love these babies (as well as these and these) from BHLDN but I'd like to pay around $100 for my pair.

The shoes need to strike strike a balance between being reasonably comfortable heels and having heels that are high enough to keep the dress from dragging (at least 2"). Frankly, the wrapped aureate shoes are perfect except that they're about $150 more than I can spend right now.

I'd like to avoid anything looking too sandal-y, anything with super tall, skinny heels, and any gold shoes that will make me look like a Muscovite stripper.
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Response by poster: Forgot to add that I've done the obligatory searches on Endless and Zappos without much success.
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Really? 'Cause these are pretty awesome.
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I adore these
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Just remembered - the ones I posted also have a wedding-ier version
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A site selling ballroom dancing shoes will have lots of gold options. Like these, these and these.

Some more here (love those Cinderella shoes!) (Also, the site is safe as houses, even though the url contains the letters 'BDSM')

This place will make shoes to your order - the details I put in for gold sparkly shoes with a 2.5" heel came out at $59.
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Yep, all the shoes in that last link are $59.99, made to order.
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Best answer: 1, 2
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Just casting a vote here for runningwithscissors number 1. I love Steve Maddens -- very comfortable and I always get compliments on mine. And that's just a pretty shoe which reminds me of one of your preferences.
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You could order these in white, and paint the stars on yourself.

However, if you've ever tried on Chie Mihara shoes you know how comfortable they are. Maybe it's just me because I have foot problems, but I'd consider really splashing out on those star ones because you can wear them again.
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OMG, that first pair is GORGEOUS. I don't know where you'd find something like that for $100. However, I came up with a bunch that are similar to the second pair.

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Some more choices from Nordstrom that may work.
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Best answer: The heel shape on your most coveted pair reminds me of Miz Mooz shoes. Here are a couple of options that are well within the budget. You could easily add a little sparkle with a shoe clip.
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ooops - I thought my Miz Mooz links would show up in "ice" color, which looks like a deep ivory to me.
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And one more brand to look into would be Seychelles: one possibility and another.
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Response by poster: Best answer goes to runningwithscissors for finding that great pair of sparkly mary janes AND to katie for reminding me about shoe clips! Thanks everyone!
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What about Fluevogs? The heel shape reminds me of them. Not the cheapest, but a ton of funky choices.
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