Help my Mom go Android on the cheap via Moto Atrix
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My 72 year-old, reasonably tech-savvy Mom is taking the smartphone plunge and planning to buy a Motorola Atrix via AT&T. On Amazon Wireless a new Atrix is 29 bucks, while the CostCo price is 90 bucks after rebate. Any difference, other than a couple of accessories and Amazon's extra cancellation fee before 180 days?
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Did you notice what the contract term is? Amazon's may be for a 2 year contract and Costco's may be for 1 yr.
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure she said the contract length was the same, but will bring it up with her.
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Best answer: There shouldn't be a difference. I bought my Atrix from Amazon Wireless and everything was as you'd expect it to be.
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