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What are the interesting healthcare companies in Boston?

My wife is finishing her MBA in December and looking for a job. She is passionate about healthcare and interested in software and technology. She has good project management experience and is a great people person. She's energetic, positive, organized, detail-oriented, and fun to be around. Where should she apply? Are there any interesting healthcare startups in Boston? Failing that, what are the most dynamic healthcare workplaces around?
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Not so much a startup, but I know many people who are happily employed at Novartis in Cambridge. Their research department is entirely separate from their marketing, so they're not quite as sleazy as larger pharmaceuticals like Pfizer. Everyone I know who works there enjoys the people interaction end of things.

They also pay quite well, and have a great healthcare package...
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How about athenahealth? Regularly recognized as a great employer, and tons of people I know from college have ended up working there and really enjoy it.
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