Quickbooks alternative?
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Invoicing software recs in the spirit of this 4-year-old post

Relatively new to the consultants game and want to get some software (cloud-based OK) to do some QuickBooks-ish stuff. I think QB is overkill. I am an LLC with about 1-10 invoices a month for hourly work. No inventory of goods just a service. Have always kept track of clients on a spreadsheet, invoiced by letter, and got paid by check. Would love the possibillity of offering email invoices with Paypal/credit card payment options. Freshbooks seems to pop up in my searches, but I thought this would be a reasonable AMF question. Thanks
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I started using Freshbooks when Intuit canceled their Billing Manager software. Seems fine so far.
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I tried Freshbooks for a while and it did the job just fine. I quit using them because I am overkill-anal about invoice typography and design. But if you don't mind someone else's template, you're set.
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