Is there more to More to Life?
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What can you tell me about More to Life courses and the More to Life Foundation?

A friend has come under a little pressure by one of her friends to try out an LGAT called More to Life. I'm naturally suspicious of any spiritual life-coaching operation like this, but a quick Google returns very little in the way of objective content. Do you have any experience of them? What can my friend expect if she gets involved?
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Here. Otherwise I didn't find much on them.
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This page says it's similar to "Landmark". Maybe if you look for Landmark you'll get an idea of what it's about.
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Best answer: If it is similar to Landmark, avoid it like the plague and advise your friend to do likewise. These things are the self-help, personal improvement form of multi-level marketing schemes. The real impetus behind them is for members to recruit friends to spend more and more money on the courses, retreats, and other overpriced products. It involves groupthink and a sort of brainwashing, and once a person is in they are pressured to bring more and more suckers and spend more and more money to reach higher levels in the organization, which never seem to really pay off and there is always another course to take or level to reach.

I had experience with this years ago with people I knew who became involved in EST. Suddenly they were speaking a new and incomprehensible language of psychobabble, and unable to engage in rational conversation. People in this kind of cult cannot be your friends, as their "friendship" is conditional on sucking you in as well. The kind of emotional blackmail and relentless pressure involved in attending meetings and courses can be dangerous to anyone with fragile emotional health, and once in, it can be difficult to extricate oneself.

Please advise your friend not to go to anything that this group is selling, and to distance herself from the "friends" trying to pressure her to go. It isn't worth it.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your advice guys. My friend is already disinclined to give the group a go, so this will be very persuasive. Much appreciated.
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Actually, I know several people (like easily a half-dozen) who have only done the first Landmark thing and have all gotten a lot out of it, and none of them have ever pressured me to do the seminar myself or anything. Most of them seem vaguely embarrassed by having done it, but all of them say they got a lot of positive things out of the experience. One of the people went on to do the second weekend, and then promptly dropped out because it all got a bit creepy and cultish.

But the first weekend of Landmark (which actually is sort of child-of-EST in many ways) seems to be greatly helpful for a lot of people, at least ones that I've known.
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