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I very likely just ingested the tip of a plastic fork tine. Should I go draw up a will today, or wait until tomorrow?

Just ate a meal with a plastic fork. Heard a click partway thru the meal. Turns out one of the tines snapped off this particular fork. I am pretty sure I ate it. Didn't bite anything weird, so I didn't feel it or anything, but, assuming I ingested it, how much trouble am I in? Fork in question was a clear plastic number with slightly rounded (not TOO pointy) tines.

Also, for the purposes of this question, assume that I ate this bit of plastic. I'm not interested in any "It probably flew across the room. Yer fine, dude!" answers. Thx!
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Eat plenty of fiber and relax.
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Well, plastic is sometimes made out of corn, and we all know what corn looks like when it comes out the other end. It's nothing to worry about unless you experience bloody stool or sharp pains.
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Probably fine. I imagine that this is similar to swallowing glass (only less sharp!) - virtually always, your stomach, which is very tough, sort of massages the swallowed thing along rather than poking it into the sides of itself. Consider that this is smaller and less craggy than a fruit pit, and small children swallow those all the time. Babies apparently swallow pins and are usually okay if they don't bend too much in the following couple of days - and you are a lot bigger than a baby and a plastic tine is a lot duller than a pin.
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You'll live. I've eaten an entire (fairly sharp!) plastic xmas ornament, and no harm done.

Except for that asL,F#$haDTQkl occasional twitch. ;)
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Even if you ate it, yer totally fine, dude. Seriously.

This might make you feel better about things.
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I did that a few years ago and am still here with no pain and no visible results. You do know of user Forktine? (Sorry.)
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If it's small enough that you aren't sure whether or not you actually ate it, you're fine.
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I see no cause for alarm, however, I am not a doctor.
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There's a show on TLC called My Strange Addiction. It's pretty ridiculous and stupid, so I make sure to tune in if it's ever on when I'm near a television. One of the episodes follows a girl who eats plastic. She'd been eating plastic things for years. She's not dead. Here's a clip from the show if you're interested.

Not recommended, of course, but this one little fork tine won't kill you.
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As the parent of a child who's consumed some interesting things accidentally and has dashed to emergency in pajamas at least twice, I'd say you'll be fine though IANotYourParent and this is not medical advice. Pray for a vertical, rather than horizontal exit. For the record, batteries and coins and anything that causes one to exhibit discomfort or a severe reaction get emergency room visits - quite honestly, I wouldn't even check the stool for this one.
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You'll be okay, but you should drink plenty of fluids in the next few days to help it come out more easily. Once you've passed it, don't let success in this area tempt you - do not attempt to eat Chichester Cathedral.
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I swallowed a Victorinox Toothpick 30 years ago.
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You should draw up a will whether you eat forks or not. Don't cause your family grief because you were lazy and something surprising happened.
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Seriously, you'll be fine. One time my mother listed off all the things she remembered seeing appear in my diapers, and trust me, one plastic tine doesn't come close to the worst.
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As a child I once broke a popsicle stick partially in half and then somehow accidentally managed to swallow that 5 inch y-shaped mess whole. I never told my parents & sweated bullets about dying of horrible puncture wounds for weeks. I don't even recall there being discomfort as my system dealt with this. I wouldn't sweat a tiny piece of fork tine.
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You can eat glass, it will not harm you. (DISCLAIMER: Do not eat glass.)

Your gut is surprisingly good at not puncturing itself, and plastic fork tines aren't all that sharp really.
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Seriously, you'll be fine.
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That just made my day.
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Eat plenty of fiber and relax.

My own personal philosophy, actually....

But, yes, you'll be fine. ;-)
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I don't know, a family member swallowed a toothpick. It pierced his intestinal wall and he was in the hospital for days. IIRC they knew pretty quickly they'd have to get him checked out, so maybe if you're able to think clearly and ask questions on the internet then you're OK.
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Thanks for the answers all! One full month later, and I'm NOT DEAD!! All your answers were helpful, but I marked 2 as the best, one because it made me laugh, and the other because Forktine posted it. Thanks again!
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