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Asking for a friend: Where can he buy/find/listen to/download the song "Waco" by Timberline Rose from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

It's not on the soundtrack, and according to this source, it's not available in any format. Please help?
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Response by poster: Oh - for the record, already sent him this link, since he wants some of the other songs too. But that one song's a stickler all right.
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I don't know that particular song, but if most of it actually plays in the movie, you can rip audio from a DVD fairly easily (and by choosing the audio track, sometimes you can even get a "clean" rip of just the music without voices and SFX).
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From Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Timberline Rose was a 2, sometimes 3 person folk/country act that played in central Texas during the late 1960's and early 1970's. Their primary members as a duo were Jim Schulman and Richard Dean, both on guitars and vocals. Occasionally, they had a bass player named Robert McKentee.

I have been in contact with Jim on several occasions. He said that both of these songs were recorded live at local venues in Austin, Texas in the early 1970's. The master tapes for these songs now reside at Hill On The Moon Productions in Austin, Texas. The original members of Timberline Rose have not been in contact with each other in several years, and I am still looking to contact Richard Dean. Rumor has it that Richard moved back to his native state of Colorado several years ago.

The only commercially available music of Timberline Rose, to my knowledge, is on the Kerrville Folk Festival CD set of the history of previous artists since the festival's inception in 1972. To my knowledge, neither one of their songs that appeared in Texas Chainsaw Massacre are available in any format.
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Response by poster: Thanks, pia - I don't know if he's that adept and I'm not extending myself much further than this. I don't have the DVD and he lives in a different city. I thought I'd ask, since I have access to the ever-amazing Ask Metafilter and he doesn't. Who knows, maybe someone knew of a bootleg.

And JayRwv, yes, I linked to that in the post. What I was hoping was that someone might know if it ended up on any obscure compilations or other projects since that was written. I couldn't figure out how often that part of the site has been updated. I also tried to look up Jim Inmon and Hill on the Moon Studio, or any place in Austin where he might be contacted. Most of the information on the internets about this song seems to be older, and there's no contact info for the studio.

Thanks! I'll keep hoping.
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