Any advice for wheelchair access to the Arcade Fire show in Montreal?
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Montreal: any experience with handicapped access to events in Place des festivals? I want to bring my daughter to the Arcade Fire show for her 13th birthday.

The Arcade Fire show next month is on my daughter's 13th birthday. Over the last few months she's developed physical problems which have her confined to a wheelchair. It's been a pretty crappy year. I figure driving up from Ottawa for a 13th birthday watching one of her favourite bands would be a pretty awesome birthday present.

But, while I know the Place des festivals pretty well I've never had to look at it with the intent of getting a wheelchair in there before, and it's obviously going to be packed solid.

The Pop Montreal site says there will be one wheelchair platform near the main stage and another near Ste Catherine near a big screen. If you have done this for any shows there, please let me know how it worked and how feasible you think this is. Would we have to get there super early to get on the platform near the stage? I'm hoping to drive up after she's done school for the day (as we'd be skipping school the next day) which means it would be 6:30 or so by the time we could get there after driving up and checking into a hotel.
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When you look at the website for the Montreal Jazz Fest, which uses the Place des Festival area, it suggests that you need to book a space on the wheelchair platform. I would call Pop Montreal, the organisers of the show, to see if you need to book a space on their platform, which might make it feasible to arrive at 6:30pm
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Response by poster: Good idea, thanks. I'll call them when I have chance.
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Response by poster: No luck there. Wheelchair platforms are first-come, first-served. Not sure we want to drive 2 hours to sit at the back and watch it on a screen...
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I'm sorry that it is first come, first served, but after a crappy year, are you sure it's not worth missing two days of school? I think it is going to be an amazing concert, especially since they are playing their "home town" and it will be their last show for 2011. I understand that maybe your daughter has had to miss a lot of school this year with her physical problems, but this could be an awesome counterpoint to that....
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Response by poster: Yes, all very good points, thanks and we will certainly consider just missing two full days.

However for now it's all on hold as we may actually have a treatment plan through our local kids hospital. We'll find out more on Monday. It may mean intensive in or out patient care for several weeks, which would mean missing the start of the school year. And we have no idea what state she'll be in by her birthday, so we may just have to wait and see and make a decision the week of the show.
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