Is there an online resource to find similar perfumes?
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I remember how devastated I was when my favorite perfume was discontinued back in the 1990s. It was brought back for a limited time last year, but I don't want to go searching on eBay once I finish the bottle I bought then. Is there an online perfume resource that can suggest scents that are similar, or at least something with the same notes?
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Read the perfume blogs and/or Luca Turin. Ask on MakeupAlley's forums.
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The folks at the basenotes forum are an amazing resource.
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You can search by note at The Perfumed Court. They specialize in samples of fragrances, so you can test-drive some possibilities before committing.
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I really like the way Lucky Scent sorts their perfumes by style and note, and their descriptions are good. Decently priced samples, too.
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This is exactly what the forums on basenotes are great at. I'm over there under the same username, say hi if you join.
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Look up your fragrance in the brand encyclopedia section of Osmoz and click on the type of olfactory group (floral-aldehyde, chypre-floral, etc.). Fragrances in that group will be displayed.

Also 2nd that Makeupalley's fragrance board and product review sections are great resources.
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Check out they have pretty much every commercial perfume, good descriptions, reviews and prices, and I have been buying my favorite discontinued perfume from them for at least six years.
posted by catatethebird at 4:28 PM on August 14, 2011 is another good resource. Check out their Monday Mail column for the chance to get a lot of expert recommendations on your personal scent quest.

Meanwhile, can you tell us what your specific perfume was? We may be able to help narrow the field a little.
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Also try The Fragrance Shop. Hey, they're running a special on rare and discontinued fragrances-today only. I have purchased from them and been very pleased with the product.
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Sephora has a utility that does just that -- the Fragrance Finder. Unfortunately it will only find fragrances they sell.
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Thanks everyone! I'm going to try the forums at Basenotes.

Mauvest, it was the Body Shop's Tobacco Flower!
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