Good organizations in Detroit to donate to
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I'd like to make a birthday donation for my mother that supports civic enhancement issues in Detroit (historic preservation, greenbelt development for example) - what organization would make good use of my donation?

My mom has a big birthday coming up this week & instead of buying something she may not use, I'm thinking donation. She grew up in Detriot during the Golden Years & has a huge amount of hometown pride/sadness about its more recent history. So I'd like to donate to a group there in her name. Anybody closer to the ground there, who's doing good work there to preserve/restore the community? I can't ask my relatives there for suggestions because the secret would get blabbed and back to her right away.
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I'm not in Detroit, but my parents grew up there too. What about the Hub of Detroit?.

Their mission: The Hub of Detroit’s mission is to provide cycling education and services with a focus on youth development, sustainable practices, and community access.

I met someone from there a year or two ago, and he was very enthusiastic and interested my mom's stories about what Detroit was like growing up. Plus I like bikes.
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I googled "historic preservation" and "Detroit" and found this which looks like it might fit the bill.
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Arise Detroit
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I asked a cousin who lives in the Detroit area, and she suggested Focus:Hope. The co-founder, Eleanor Josaitis, died this past week; the funeral was yesterday. Community revitalization is just part of what this organization does.
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I came to say what Jeri said. There isn't a much better group in Detroit, Focus Hope has a sterling reputation and does good work.
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I was born in Detroit but I've not even visited since my dad moved away 15 years ago. Can I suggest Mosaic theatre company as something a little different? Disclaimer: it's run by my friend Rick.
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Here to suggest Focus Hope, too.
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For an environmental group: Friends of the Rouge - Promoting restoration and stewardship of the Rouge River since 1986
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I volunteered with Focus Hope when I was in Americorps, so I would recommend them too. I also worked with the Accounting Aid Society preparing taxes for low income Detroit residents. It's a pretty niche non-profit, but they do good work.
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