black paper for calligraphy
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Can anyone recommend a good black paper for calligraphy? I used to use Coloraid (silk-screened colors), but they've gone out of business and afaik, Pantone/Letraset stopped making such paper long ago. If there's no alternative, I'll consider having paper custom silkscreened. What sort of silkscreening is good to write on? The general characteristics for a calligraphy paper are smooth but not glossy, and I'd prefer something more flexible than snapshot paper. (I mostly use my calligraphy for buttons/badges, and I'd rather have something that folds around the edge of the button.) Part of the challenge is ink/paper compatibility--these days I'm using Luma Bleedproof White and McCaffery's Ivory. If you've got a favorite opague, tractable white ink, please let me know.
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Best answer: If this is the Coloraid you're referring to, they certainly don't *seem* to be out of business.
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My favorite paper store is Paper Source. They have a Black paper on their website. I haven't used their stock for calligraphy, but they're friendly and would be able to tell you if it's appropriate.
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