Looking for a specific hook and eye clasp
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Where can I find a hook and eye clasp to make a leather bracelet like this?

I bought a man's leather bracelet and would like to make something similar in different colors of leather. I've searched far and wide for this sort of clasp, but can only find tiny ones.

In particular, I'm looking for something like the image linked above that is:
- pretty large
- doesn't require crimping or putting the leather through a loop (it appears on this one the leather is glued or screwed on)
- is relatively undecorated

Googling seems to only come up with tiny hook and eye closures for necklaces or hooks for earrings. I've never made anything of this sort so I don't know what to search for or where to purchase such a clasp. Thanks, askme!
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Rio Grande is a ginormous retailer of online jewelry findings -- if you haven't searched there already. It's also possible you have a handmade hook and eye clasp that isn't widely available.

If you have a beading store nearby, it might be worth bringing the bracelet there to have them take a look at how it is attached and give you some advice. In my experience, beading folks love to be helpful, even if you're not spending a pile of money if their shop. There are some tricky bits to attaching findings, and you'd hate to invest a lot of time and effort on something that will fall apart on you.

Good luck!
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How large is "pretty large"? I'm finding stuff as high as about 4 - 4.5 mm inside diameter, but not higher so far. It seems like "hook and eye clasp" is the right search term, though.
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Second Rio Grande; also try Fire Mountain, who are very helpful.

And yeah, that doesn't look too mass-produced. Hmm. You can try Etsy; the people who made this might want to do a custom order (and if not that store, somebody else will).
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Response by poster: i'm looking for about 4mm inside diameter, but about an inch in length. thanks for the suggestions so far!
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The closest thing I could find is in this link. Scroll about 2/3 down and look under the category "fancy hook and eye endcaps." There is one with a 3.6 mm opening and they look like you can just glue the leather in.
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Rio Grande and FireMountain are both good sources. You may not be able to find the exact thing on either site, though (as the original looks rather more custom than you're likely to find at a big supplier). You may need to combine "end caps" with "hook and eye" clasps, but there's some nice stuff there....
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