Can I get outdoor string lights with exposed, incandescent bulbs?
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Do exposed, incandescent string lights like the ones in the Mumford & Sons video, Little Lion Man, exist for outdoor use? If so, where can I get them? You can see them here. I think they're really beautiful, but prefer not to electrocute anybody I like.
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Best answer: My work sells 1000' spools of C9 bulb strand with 6" or 12" spaces between bulbs. You can get it cut to any length that you want, and you just put the plugs on the ends when you've cut it. Pop in some large clear C9 bulbs and you've got the same thing (they make more rounded C9 bulbs instead of the usual christmas light shaped bulb). That's what I use on my patio and it's great for night.
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Best answer: A useful search term will be "carnival string lights," which is what I've always seen them called in party rental catalogs and the like.
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Best answer: to me, those really look like large globe string lights. it looks like restoration hardware has them. i also see them at target both at christmas and summer time (in the patio section). i've only ever seen them as outdoor lights.
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Best answer: yeah...those are not standard size household lightbulbs...look at that first shot more closely...large globe xmas lights (round, C9) in the background, ONE exposed standard bulb hanging in the foreground.
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Best answer: In any case, be sure you are using bulbs intended for outdoor use. In my experience, incandescent bulbs intended for indoor use blow up if they get trained on while hot.
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We picked some up almost identical @ Home Depot. They were clearanced out though. They were made for outdoors as well. Have had them up for all summer with absolutely no problems. The bulbs locally are touch to find: Not at Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, or any lamp shop. Online it is...

Here is a pic of them Patio Lights
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Best answer: They are often called globe string lights or just globe lights.
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You can get some at Target.
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Agreed with nadawi - those look big. I have the Target globes and the ones in that video look a damn site larger than the ones adorning my deck.
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Although not incandescent, Tokistar's festoon LED lights are great because the shells are acrylic so no chance of shattering (you can get amber or warm white ones as well if you want to mimic a warmer glow)
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