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What shall we do in Lake Tahoe next week?

Going to Lake Tahoe for a conference next week but will have half of Monday, all of Tuesday and most of Wed to ourselves.

We are staying North Shore but seems like south is close as well - I am fine with a 30 or so minute drive.

Neither of us golf. We don't want to spend a bunch of money on a spa. Both mid 30's. Some nice walks would be great (can anyone suggest some specific parks that are pretty much not a real hike hike?). Any festivals or events, or shopping? Bonus for places I can take some great photographs.

There are a few old posts on this, but the most recent seems to be 2008 and I know things change.
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If you've never been, Emerald Bay is really beautiful.

There are a few hikes to waterfalls near Emerald Bay, they should really be good this year.
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Rent kayaks and go paddling. I think Kings Beach has several rental places, and you can launch from there as well. Or head over to the Nevada side and check out Sand Harbor. Beautiful beaches as well as really nice paddling opportunities.
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This is on the South Shore, but the gondola ride at Heavenly is amazing.
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I live on the North Shore. I have family visiting in town next week, so here are things we're doing / done:

* Hike to beaches, and depending on your comfort level about clothing optional beaches - Secret Cove, Whale Beach or Skunk Harbor. This is a good website about easy hikes around Tahoe

* Rafting on the Truckee

* Great easy view - the pullout on Mt. Rose overlooking Incline Village and Tahoe. Breathtaking.

* Want that beautiful little mountain lake hidden in the woods without too much walking? Go to the top of Brockway Summit and take a left on the little dirt road. Go for a good few miles - the paved road ends and it becomes dirt. Watson Lake is very pretty and you can literally drive up to it. There's a sign for the turnoff.

* Touristy but well worth it - a ride on a catamaran at sunset or one of the old-fashioned paddleboats. Great views from the water.

Memail me for more info.
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Rent bikes and go biking. There are many, many great rides in the Tahoe area, both on and off road. Even just tooling around through the residential neighborhoods on the north shore is pretty fun. Awesome views of lake and hills abound.

If you have an interest in seeing something "historic", take a day trip to Virginia City, NV (Warning: music will autoplay.) We were there two weeks ago with our kids and really enjoyed exploring the old mining town, which was the home of the Comstock Lode and at one time the wealthiest city in the western US. It's a bit touristy these days, but you don't have to look too hard to find the parts that are still authentic. Interesting bit of trivia that we gleaned on our visit: the surface distance between Virginia City and neighboring Gold Hill is two linear miles, however, beneath the surface there are 750 miles of tunnels and mine shafts between these two towns.

Have a great time -- the Lake Tahoe basin and the surrounding forests are amazingly beautiful!
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My wife and I were on the south shore almost exactly a year ago. There is lots of fun stuff to do. Emerald Bay is beautiful, there is lots of hiking. Plenty of places to rent a canoe or kayak. Heck you can rent a jet ski or power boat also.

Have you ridden or are you interested in riding a horse? Camp Richardson on the south shore has a corral where you can go on guided trail rides. They have a mustang named Sundance who is awesome.

Blue Water Bistro has good food and a great view, it's on a pier in South Lake Tahoe. Good place to have dinner and watch the sunset.

Magic Carpet Golf was a fun, cheap, cheesy old school Mini Golf. Again all of this is in South Lake Tahoe.
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Just a reminder: OP is staying on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. It's a decent drive (~45+ minutes) from North Shore to South Shore. Emerald Bay is even further away from OP.

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Seconding Emerald Bay. The drive along the lake is beautiful. Eagle Falls and Eagle Lake are also near there, and are somewhat easy hikes. You can also rent bikes and bike along River Road. And I highly recommend The Fat Cat Cafe, a restaurant-bar in Tahoe City. The staff is really friendly and there was a decent band playing that night, and they had some of the best pork tacos and sweet potato fries I've ever eaten.
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Best places to eat around Incline Village and Kings Beach:

Big Water Grill for fu fu food and mountain high views
The Hyatt's Lone Eagle Grill for upscale dining right on the lake
Bites for tapas style eating

Soule Domain for a romantic meal
Char Pit for best dang burgers - you can smell the meat roasting from a mile away
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Check out the different eateries they have around and go beer tasting. Like others said, you can go to Emerald Bay and see the Viking House. I enjoy visiting Pope Beach, and going along Stateline and catching a movie, visiting the Artifact shop, and they sometimes have a sort of tent market at the Y.

If you go even further South down Highway 50, you can hit Echo Lake and take a boat, or go Hiking down Desolation Wilderness up to Horsetail Falls.

I'm more of a Cali-Sider as you can probably tell so that's where my expertise lies. Sorry I don't have more Nevada side attractions for you to think about.
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Isn't Carson City nearby? A friend recommended going when I head out to Tahoe next year. I hear it's very historic, but a bit hokey.
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