Tiling, tabbing window manager for OS X?
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Is there any way to get window management behavior similar to that provided by ion3 on Mac OS X?

Specifically, I want both window tiling and tabbing within tiles. I've seen "tiling" solutions like SizeUp mentioned around the web but they all seem extremely limited (windows can only be half or a quarter of the screen, etc., no tabbing).

I understand that you can install X11 and any X window manager (such as ion3), but this will only be able to manage the windows of X applications, not native OS X applications, right?
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I'm not sure there's any single window management app that does all that you want, but I wonder to what extent you could roll your own with a combination of apps like Divvy, Shiftit, Hyperdock, Moom, etc., setting custom keyboard shortcuts and, if worst comes to worst, writing applescripts and setting Quicksilver triggers for them. (You are using Quicksilver, right?)

The above links go to Lifehacker posts about the software, which I think are generally more useful than the sales copy you'd get at the company site or App store entry. Lifehacker also had a post a few months ago about getting windows' best features on your mac, and though lion has made some of it defunct, it does give some helpful comparisons of some of the above apps, and some additional options such as Witch, Cinch, Flexiglass and DoubleCommand.
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I would die for XMonad working with native OSX windows. Interested in any answers beyond the crappy things I've seen already.
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