What is this photo of?
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Calling all Detectives: Help me identify what's in this photograph

Hi Everyone - long time lurker, first-ish time poster. I'll be better I promise.


My wife's boss just sent around the above photo with a challenge to guess what the photo is of. I have a strong desire to win, even though I'm not involved.

I've put on my best detective hat, but any help would be much appreciated.

Here's what I know:

The company that made the thing is 'Rodney Hunt' (sort of legible on one of the spokes). They make water control devices.

The photo was taken here based on EXIF location data: Google Maps (Bedford NH)

I have searched up down left and right on Google, Google images, bing images, etc. I've tried uploading the picture to Google images and comparing it to no avail. I've edited the photo in Photoshop to no avail.

Guesses on the rest of the text:
Fort Hu__ (Huey? Hull?)

1936 as a year?

It looks a bit like the wheels that move cable cars in San Francisco, but Rodney Hull doesn't seem to be in the business?

Thanks very much for any help you can offer
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That's Dean Kamen's house. Here's a picture of him standing on it.

It's part of a steam boat engine.

Glad I could help you cheat!
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I would venture that it's in a museum, working industrial spaces aren't that clean, nor do they have lamps or railings as nice the ones in that photo.

Are they mining-related? Were there mines near Bedford?
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damn it. came into say that's dean kamen's place.
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Ha, my hero - thank so much guys.

I won't let on how long I searched....
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(also, I guess as a celebrity it's probably common knowledge where is home is located but the mods might want to remove that link)
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When I saw the picture I thought of the restored textile mills in Lowell, not too far from where the exif data says it was taken.
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But I see I was wrong.
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