What else besides Google Commerce?
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On-site search for e-commerce: What's out there besides Google Commerce?

Some general requirements:
- Huge e-commerce site with heavy traffic.
- Needs to index and display results for both products and content.
- Ability to filter results.
- Fully customizable layout (creating the design is not a problem, just need to make sure it can be built easily)
- Open to consider a hosted search but I'm not sure how to evaluate the pros and cons of this.
- At this point price doesn't matter, just trying to get a broad spectrum from open source to platinum.

Any general advice on evaluating solutions is also welcome!
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like_neon: Huge e-commerce site with heavy traffic.

What is this site built in, how huge is huge, and is there some reason you're not searching against the product database in whatever native fashion your language + database would equal?
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Yep, what DB said. What software is the site running for e-com?
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Response by poster: The site is built in Perl and Java. Thousands of hits a day, thousands of products.

Sorry my answers are technically vague, I'm actually on the UI/front end side trying to convince IT management on how to improve our search performance and am trying to get a view of what is possible, including out of box 3rd party solutions. Improving it on our side is an obvious choice, and one that we are investigating as well.
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My favorite anime store uses Yahoo. Their site is completely customized and they update it constantly. It has a search feature. It sounds like it's exactly the same as what you are trying to do.
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Endeca is a monster, but one worth taming if you've got the patience and budget for it. It meets all of your requirements and does a bajillion other things as well. Some more useful than others.

The biggest roadblock we ran into is that if you're not willing to redo your entire site to be driven by Endeca, the functionality is limited. (Though all of your requirements would still be achievable.)
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I've worked with Nextopia which seems to fit your needs.
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